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Lebanon Car Rental

Lebanon offers an enthralling blend of sandy beaches, fertile valleys, breathtaking mountains, historic cities and a wealth of archaeological sites waiting to be explored. Lebanon is a spectacularly lovely country whose cosmopolitan people were until recently among the most prosperous in the Arab world. We are an international rental broker and have tie ups with popular car rental suppliers in Lebanon. Being associated with popular car suppliers, we support major pick up locations including Beirut Airport, Tripoli, Tyre, Saida, Beirut and much more.

Lebanon is considered one of the most captivating Middle East countries in the region. Lebanon is a country with an amazing backdrop of history. From the Roman synagogue at Baalbek to the Phoenician ruins of Tyre or the medieval wonders to behold in Tripoli and the ancient harbor of Byblos. Lebanon is home to five designated UNESCO World Heritage Sites reflecting the country's rich and varied cultural heritage with the Phoenicians, Romans and the French. In the mountains, the snow lies down from December to May so that in winter it is possible to swim in a warm sea. Other must-see sights include the lush and fertile Bekaa Valley dotted with historic vineyards, the tremendous cedar forests and Christian monasteries of the Holy Valley in the north of the country.

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