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Bratislava Airport Car Rental

Bratislava Airport is the primary international airport of Slovakia and situated 9 km northeast of Bratislava Castle in Bratislava. The airport is serves as a base for Opera Jet, AirExplore, and Sayegh Aviation Europe. Bratislava Airport has two long runways. The main passenger terminal of Bratislava Airport includes the Departure Terminal A, the Schengen Arrivals Terminal C, and the Non-Schengen Arrivals Terminal B. We are affiliated with popular suppliers such as Alamo, Buchbinder, and Sixt to provide you the best car rental deals at Bratislava Airport.

One of Europe's newest capitals, even an ancient and important city to the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Bratislava is a city of blended cultures. Home to castles and winding almost Mediterranean streets spread across the vast Danube River, even Bratislava looks unsure of its identity just yet. The old town has many gems including the Church of St Elisabeth also known as the Blue Church for the propensity of blue in its decoration. The other must-see religious building can be accessed by car hire. St Martin's Cathedral is found just below the walls of Bratislava Castle. In a nod to culture, Bratislava has a festival in April called Bratislava for All where all of the sights of the city are free to visit.

For travelers looking forward to explore all the major city attractions located near Bratislava Airport, it is advisable to rent a car.

Bratislava Airport Map

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